Sweep Accounts

Sweep Relationship Services via Riverview Trust Company*
  • Consolidate funds at the end of business day for reporting and investment purposes
  • Provides investment alternatives in various market vehicles**

How it works:

Riverview Trust Company Sweep Accounts revolve around a predetermined "Peg" balance in your Riverview Checking Account so you never have to worry about moving cash to cover outgoing items. Each night, any balance in excess of the Peg is invested in the Sweep Account, while any shortfall below the Peg is redeemed from the Sweep Account.
  • Funds are automatically moved between your Riverview Trust Company Sweep Account (Invested in the General Liquid Cash Program) and your Riverview Checking Account
  • Checks are provided free of charge. There is no limit on the number of checks written per month
  • Redeem funds daily by 9:30 am or make withdrawals by check
  • View daily balance updates and transaction history online, current through the prior business day
  • Telephone access by calling our account representatives to verify your account balance at 360-693-7442 or toll free at 877-993-5550.
None of the funds charge load or 12b-1 fees, which means all your savings go to work for you. Please see Riverview Trust Company or your local Branch Manager for more details regarding this account.

*Riverview Trust Company is a Riverview subsidiary offering trust and investment services. Investments are NOT A BANK DEPOSIT - NOT FDIC INSURED - NOT INSURED BY ANY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AGENCY - NOT BANK GUARANTEED - and MAY GO DOWN IN VALUE.