Equifax FAQ

Recently, Equifax, one of the three national consumer credit reporting agencies, announced a major data breach affecting approximately 143 million Americans and more than 200,000 credit card numbers.

Riverview takes the security of our customer information seriously, and we are providing you with the information we know about this massive breach and the steps you can take to protect your personally identifiable information.

Q: Was Riverview breached?

A: Riverview was not compromised and your information was not stolen from our Bank. We still ask that you be extra vigilant and report any suspicious activity related to your Riverview accounts to us by calling 800-822-2076 or clicking Contact Us at the top of this page.

Q: Was my Riverview Debit MasterCard ® compromised?

A: The chances are very slim, but rest assured, your card is protected by MasterCard’s zero-liability policy and MasterCard ID Theft Protection™ services, which includes ID Theft Alerts™, emergency wallet replacement, and expert resolution services.

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You can also take additional steps to protect your card information by signing up for MasterCard SecureCode™ - a security service to guard against unauthorized use of your Riverview Debit MasterCard while shopping online at participating merchants.

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Q: Was my Riverview VISA ® credit card compromised?

A: As with Riverview Debit MasterCards, the chances are very slim your card has been compromised. That being said, Visa also has a zero liability policy. Please continue to monitor your transactions and review your statements for any discrepancies, if you have any concerns about a transaction, contact Elan Card Member Services at 800-558-3424.

Q: How do I know if I am part of the breach?

A: Equifax has established a website that informs consumers if they have been affected by the breach. It also provides additional information on the breach and offers complimentary identity theft protection and credit file monitoring. This information is available at www.equifaxsecurity2017.com . You can also contact them by phone
at 866-447-7559.

Q: How do I review my credit report?

A: Call any one of the three credit reporting agencies to receive your free annual credit report or visit www.annualcreditreport.gov . You should also contact the credit reporting agencies to notify them of any suspected fraud or identity theft.

Experian® | PO BOX 9554 | Allen, TX 75013 | 888-397-3742 | Experian.com
Equifax® | PO BOX 740241 | Atlanta, GA 30374 | 866-349-5191 | Equifax.com
TransUnion® | PO BOX 2000 | Chester, PA 19016 | 800-680-7289 | Transunion.com

Q: How do I place a fraud alert on my credit report?

A: For information on placing a fraud alert on your credit report, visit the Federal Trade Commission HERE

Q: How do I place a credit freeze on my credit file?

A: For information on placing a freeze on your credit file visit the Federal Trade Commission HERE

Q: What do I do if I think my identity has been stolen?

A: If you believe your identity has been stolen, contact us immediately. You can also find out more information at www.identitytheft.gov or by calling 1-877-IDTHEFT (1-877-438-4338).

Q: How do I keep my computer safe?

A: We always recommend you keep your computer operating system, browsers and anti-virus software up to date. The FTC provides a wealth of information about online security HERE

Additionally, Riverview has partnered with Trusteer, our preferred Internet security provider, to offer Trusteer Rapport online security software FREE for our Online Banking clients. Trusteer Rapport is highly specialized and powerful software designed to protect you from security breaches and online fraud before it happens.

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