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Interior shot of the Gresham Branch

We want to welcome you as a new client of Riverview Community Bank. At the end of business on Friday, February 17th, 2017, the customer relationships and branches of MBank were combined with Riverview. Like MBank, Riverview is locally based and dedicated to providing you with the local, personal, service you can only get from a true community bank. Working together over the past few months, our employees are more convinced than ever that this is a wonderful fit for both of our organizations and for you.

You will continue to work with the same talented bankers who know you and your financial needs so well. Your MBank branch managers Brenda Felix , Brooks Longoria , and Willow Kessell Oelke will continue to run their respective branches as Riverview Community Bank.


Beginning Tuesday, February 21st, all the Gresham accounts will be transferred to our existing Riverview office located at 225 NE Burnside across from Gresham High School. Managed by Brenda, our Gresham branch has two drive-up lanes open weekdays until 6:00 pm, night deposit, a drive-up ATM, safe deposit boxes, and Saturday hours from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. For those of you who know Larry Schwartz, Riverview’s Gresham branch manager, he will be moving to our Gateway branch at 104th and Halsey, taking on the Gateway branch manager role as Dean Sterner announced he is retiring this spring.

Exterior of the new Tualatin branch
Tualatin/Lake Grove

Opening on Tuesday, February 21st, our new Tualatin branch will be replacing the Lake Grove office. Willow is extremely excited about the move into this brand new facility, with an ATM and Saturday hours from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, located right in front of Cabela’s on Nyberg Street.

Montavilla/Stark Street

Brooks and his team are looking forward to a drive-up ATM being installed this spring and a complete branch makeover coming later this year. While Montavilla won’t be open on Saturdays, its sister branch in Gateway at 104th/Halsey is open from 10:00 am to 1:00pm.

20 Locations to Serve You

All of our branches are prepared to handle MBank transactions beginning Tuesday, February 21st. To find the location nearest you, please click here

What’s Next?

The number one question we’ve heard…will my account number stay the same? The answer is YES. Eventually we will need to apply the Riverview routing number to your account number, but that’s sometime in the future.

Please continue to use your existing MBank checks, Visa debit cards and Online Banking. You can also continue to use the Riverview and MoneyPass ATMs to access your cash for free. In May, we will be working to bring both banks records together to operate under a single system. However, until we complete our system integration in May, we’re not able to process any deposits made at a Riverview or MoneyPass ATM. You can make deposits using the MBank Mobile Deposit service and through our night drop available at every branch. When we complete our system transition in May, you will be able to make ATM deposits at any Riverview branch.

On Friday, February 17th, a “short” statement for your account(s) will be generated. This is to capture all of the transactions, interest paid, and interest accrued by MBank. At the end of February, you will receive a Riverview statement for the remainder of the month.

The existing prices for products and services will generally remain the same until May. At that time, we will migrate your deposit account into the Riverview product that best fits your needs. Most of our current product lines already mirror each other, so we’re hopeful this will be an easy transition for you. More information will be sent to you later this spring.

If you have a loan with us, a separate letter was mailed to you with instructions on where to send new loan payments.

Riverview is the largest community bank in the Portland Metro area and our employee-owners are truly excited about this opportunity. With the added expertise and passion of our new MBank teammates, we believe we can continue to fulfill our potential in encouraging homeownership, job creation and supporting hundreds of local service organizations. We appreciate your loyalty and look forward to providing you with the best community banking service possible.

Questions about MBank joining Riverview?

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We appreciate your loyalty and look forward to many years providing you the community bank atmosphere and service you have come to expect and will continue to receive.


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Kim J. Capeloto
Executive Vice President
Chief Retail Banking Officer
Riverview Community Bank

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