At Riverview Bank, culture is everything.

Living the brand and the culture are what we strive for during interactions with clients, community and team members. If you are considering a career at Riverview Bank, it’s important to know a bit about us. We welcome new team members whose personal values align with the bank’s values.   

The bank turns 100 years old this year. We have approximately 250 employees with 17 branches from Ridgefield to Aumsville and Vancouver to Goldendale. We are a true community bank, meaning our corporate headquarters are located in Vancouver. We invest in our communities where our branches are located. Our team cares about the same things that you do…family, friends and community. 

Riverview Bank's Vision:

Admittedly, it’s bold and aspirational.  It’s what we are shooting for.  Our clients are important to us and same with the team.

And not to be left out... our mission is:

Six values mean everything


Now, let’s talk about positions.

Available Positions


Our benefit package includes:

Pay Transparency Policy Statement
EEO/Affirmative Action Statement
Job Seekers with a Disability