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Phone Spoofing: Be aware of calls falsely appearing as Riverview Bank on caller ID. If someone claiming to be a representative of the bank or our Fraud Department contacts you then please be cautious. Do not share or confirm your personal info over the phone with someone you don't already know. If you are contacted and unsure of who you are communicating with, please hang up and contact Client Services at 800-822-2076 or contact your local branch.
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5-Star Rated

Bauer Financial is completely independent. It does not get paid (nor has it ever) to rate any institution, nor can any institution avoid its rating. Bauer does sell products to institutions and encourages them to share news of their 5-Star or 4-Star rating, but they must earn it first.

Bauer uses the same strict barometer to rate all banks and all credit unions and makes those ratings available to all people—for free—on its web site. Bauer has nothing to hide.

Since 1983, this practice, along with an excellent track record, has earned the respect of regulators, bankers and consumers across the country. We have been analyzing and reporting on the industry since 1983. Nobody knows this business better, nor is better respected.

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Do you use payment apps like Venmo, CashApp, or Zelle?

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The best way to protect your information from scammers? Recognize a phishing scam.

Scammers know how valuable your personal and financial information is — and they’ll do or say almost anything to get it. What can you do to keep it safe?

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