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Business Debit Card

Your card, your way

A Riverview debit card provides technology you want, how you want it. You get to choose.
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Tap & Pay

Chip cards, now the global standard, offer a new layer of security and are being introduced to give consumers more protection against fraud and theft.
Your chip card comes with technology which makes each transaction more secure by creating a unique dynamic code which is nearly impossible to counterfeit.
  • Temporarily enable and disable card(s).
  • Activate card
  • Report a card lost or stolen
  • Set transaction alerts
  • Spending alerts
    • Alert per transaction
    • Transaction alerts
    • Transaction types
    • Merchant types
  • Set a transaction to decline if it meets one of the following criteria
    • Limit per transaction
    • eCommerce transaction
    • Transaction type (transaction type is defined by the merchant and Mastercard)

Debit-Card-BusinessAdded benefits of your new Riverview Debit Mastercard®

Better Protection

Mastercard® ID Theft Protection™
Provides you with expert assistance 24/7, should you become the victim of identity theft. To bring you this benefit, Mastercard has partnered with CSID®, an industry leader in identity protection and fraud detection. Learn more or register for early detection services with Mastercard® ID Theft Alerts™.

Mastercard® Global Service™
Provides around the clock customer service for all your Mastercard® emergency related questions.

Great Shopping Benefits

Extended Warranty
Doubles the time period and duplicates the coverage of the original manufacturer’s or US store brand warranty for a maximum of one year.

*Additional terms, conditions, and exclusions may apply. 
For more information contact 1-800-MASTERCARD.

To activate your card, have your SSN/TIN ready, call 800-717-4923, and follow the prompts.

Update automatic payments with your new card information.

Destroy your old Riverview Debit Card. 
At chip enabled terminals, insert your card toward the terminal, facing up.
Do not remove until prompted.

Provide your signature or PIN as prompted by the terminal. 

When the terminal says the transaction is approved, remove your card.
Call us right away, we’re available 24/7.
Domestic lost or stolen cards: 800-383-8000 
Notify us so we can ensure your debit card will work.

Get the most out of your Riverview Bank account


Mobile Bill Pay

With Riverview's Free Online Bill Pay, there is no more writing those monthly checks, stuffing envelopes and buying stamps. You can pay all of your bills online. 

From recurring monthly bills to a one-time expense, you can schedule payments up to a year in advance. You select the payee, the amount and the payment date. Riverview does the rest, and changes can easily be made anytime before the processing date. 

Each payment is itemized on your statement so you know whom you paid, the date and the amount.