Fixed Rate Loans 

For customers who want the long-term security of a fixed rate and payments.

Loan to Value Maximums: Up to 100% with Private Mortgage Insurance
Terms: 15/20/30 years
Benefits: Peace of mind. A fixed rate offers the security of being able to budget your monthly payment for the life of the loan.
Adjustable Rate Mortgages are also available.


Combo Construction Loans 

For customers who wish to have their own home built by a licensed, approved builder with one convenient closing.

Loan to Value Maximums: 90%
Terms: 30 year fixed-rate
  • Combines the 9-month construction period with permanent financing for one convenient package and closing.
  • All Fixed loans are eligible.
  • Interest-only payments through the construction period.
  • One-time rate adjustment upon completion and updated credit required.
* Loan products subject to credit approval. Other terms, conditions, restrictions & fees may apply. Full documentation, title & property insurance required. Flood insurance required if property is located in a Special Flood Hazard Area.