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What Are My Community Bank Checking Account Options?

what-are-my-community-bank-checking-account-optionsThinking about opening a checking account with your community bank? It’s a smart idea. Your community bank employs your neighbors, people who really want to get to know you and be by your side throughout your financial journey.

From opening your first community bank checking account to building your retirement nest egg through a targeted wealth management strategy, a community bank will be your partner in financial wellness.

Riverview Bank is a longstanding fixture in many Pacific Northwest neighborhoods and strives to deliver quality service, expert advice, and personalized financial solutions. With that in mind, here’s a look at the checking accounts we offer, what they deliver, and how to decide which one is right for you.

It’s About You Checking

At Riverview, we’re always about our clients, so we’ve set up the It’s About You Checking account to allow you to bank on your own terms. This account is completely free with no minimum balance requirements: a simple account so you can simply focus on yourself.

With It’s About You Checking, you’ll also qualify for all the perks that come with Riverview personal checking accounts, such as a free debit card, free online banking, and free bill pay. Ready to make the switch? We’ll also buy back your old debit card and checks from your former financial institution so that you can earn up to $10.

Columbia Gorge Checking

The Columbia Gorge Checking account also is free with no minimum balance requirements. It also offers  additional perks. For instance, we’ll send you one box of checks completely free each year.

For those 62 or older, your account will also accrue a competitive interest rate. The Columbia Gorge Checking is our no-frills, interest-earning option for those who want to keep things simple and easy while also earning a little extra money.

If you’re nearing retirement, you’ve probably spent a good portion of your life working hard for your money. Now, it’s time to make your money work hard for you with Columbia Gorge Checking.

Mt. Adams Benefits Checking

Free is great, but sometimes you’re looking for a little something extra. Allow us to introduce you to our Mt. Adams Benefits Checking account.

For just $8 a month, you unlock a world of benefits. That adds up to less than a hundred dollars a year. In fact, we often say Mt. Adams Benefits Checking pays for itself because you’ll likely save hundreds of dollars each year.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s included:

Cell Phone Protection

Worried about losing or damaging your phone? If so, you probably insure it for an extra fee on your cell phone bill each month. But let us take care of that for you. With the Mt. Adams Benefits account, you get $600 coverage per claim, up to $1,200 a year. This benefit alone is likely worth the $8 service fee. But wait—this account has so much more to offer.

Identity Theft Resolution

It’s so important to protect your hard-earned money from identity thieves. Let us take care of that with CyberScout identity theft resolution. If you or any of your immediate household family members have their identity stolen, a personal advocate will be by your side every step of the way to help you restore it.

Roadside Assistance

Get locked out of your car? Have a dead battery and need a jump? You won’t have to be stuck on the side of the road alone. With our roadside assistance, help is only a phone call away.

Accidental Death Dismemberment Insurance

Our AD&D insurance offers up to $10,000 of coverage that can be used to supplement your existing life insurance policy. Coverage will be evenly split among authorized signers on the account-opening signature cards.

Shopping, Travel, and Entertainment Perks

Here’s the fun part. This account comes with all sorts of shopping, travel, and entertainment discounts. Enjoy retail and restaurant savings, coupons for groceries, and travel and hotel discounts. With all these savings, you can say goodbye to buyer’s remorse and hello to smart spending.

Mt. Hood Checking

Have we saved the best for last? We’ll let you decide. The Mt. Hood Checking account is for those who really want to maximize their earnings with our most competitive interest rate.

Mt. Hood Checking is completely free as long as your balance remains over $2,500. If it drops below that, you’ll incur a $10 monthly service fee. And you’ll still earn a competitive interest rate on your balance. Plus, like the Columbia Gorge Checking account, you’ll get one free box of checks each year.

What do you need to get started? You can open your checking account with as little as $50. It’s as simple as that.

Getting Started

Now is the perfect time to bank with Riverview. When you open a new community bank checking account, you’ll receive a free thank-you gift. And if you refer a friend, you’ll receive a gift just for letting your friend or family member know about your new account.

You also can earn a little extra on your old checks and debit cards because we’ll give you cash to trade them. And you’ll get free access to 36,000 ATMs across the country through MoneyPass and SHAZAM networks. We strive to keep our clients happy, and we hope that will soon include you.

So, which community bank checking account is the right one for you? Schedule a time to stop in at one of our Oregon or Washington branches and meet with us. We’ll be happy to assess your personal situation and help you determine the next steps in your financial journey.

Let’s work together to secure a promising financial future for you and your family by planning the best path forward today. We look forward to showing you everything we can do and welcoming you to the Riverview community soon.